Why Us


Odoo Partners

No stress when implementing Odoo ERP.
Get your ERP system implemented in less time and in higher quality.


Proven Experience

Our portfolio speaks on behalf of us.
We provided our services with 100% projects success history.


Integrated Team

Our team was carefully structured.
The right administrative and technical experience.


Continuous Learning

We plan for training and development
Plan considers changes in technologies and consumer demand.

Our Mission

Archer Solutions is an IT services provider.

Our mission is to provide digital solutions for companies to automate their businesses, we study business case of the client and propose the most suitable solution for it, then we can build and implement this solution.
Our business digitization solutions range from a small mobile app that performs fast calculations on the fly to large enterprise application that manages all company operations or even operations of multiple companies.
We don't see a contradiction between high quality and competitive price, our key advantage is that we realized the importance of quality from the first day of the founding, that's why we built our process towards high quality output, that's why quality doesn't cost us much.
We provide an atmosphere that motivates our employees to innovate, we hire the best, and to keep them always the best we provide continuous training to upgrade their knowledge and skills.
We seek the latest in technology and in business administration, we combine both to provide a piece of art solution that always satisfies our customer, we treat customers business as our own business, we provide them with training, documents, and continuous support that enables them to get the best out of the provided solutions.

Our Vision

To be number 1 provider for digitization solutions in the MENA region.

Why digitization?
Each idea targets some goals, to achieve these goals some effort needs to be paid, we are to digitize as much as possible of that effort to make it more efficient to reach targeted goals.

Main Domains


With many tools like CRM and POS we help retail businesses to sell smarter and just focus on core business.

Real Estate

Buy, sell, rent, renovate and manage tenants, all with the supporting business modules like accounting and maintenance.


Manage backend (accounting, inventory, ...), frontend (patient, physician, ...) and equipment integration (HL7 and DICOM)


  • Data Visualization & Analysis
  • Business intelligence
  • Mesh App
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Data & Communication Security
  • Business Process Automation
  • Healthcare Technologies
  • Agile Methodologies


Archer Solutions Odoo partner

Archer Solutions is a gold Odoo partner, as partners we have successfully implemented 21 Odoo systems for business belonging to 10 different industries.