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Odoo ERP Services

Archer Solutions is a silver partner for Odoo S.A., Belgium, we have experience in ERP generally, we have adopted Odoo as we found that all features of most Egyptian businesses and business worldwide are satisfied by Odoo features. Odoo implementation goes through the following process: Demo, gap analysis, quoutation, implementation and customization, data migration, training, and finally support.
Want an ERP mplementation? Call us now for a demo and a free gap analysis.

Web & Mobile Applications

All applications are required to be delivered as web apps, because for such apps client just needs a web browser to access the aplication. Our developed applications range from a simple website to a sophisticated application that runs complex business functions. Along with web apps come the mobile apps, the whole world is looking for mobility and dynamicity. Looking for a responsive web app that runs on all browsers? Looking for a cross-platform mobile app? Your requirements fulfillement is one call to Archer Solutions away.

Mesh App and Service Architecture

Have a bunch of apps that run separately in your organization? Want to unify all these applications and use them from everywhere? This is the role of MASA, what is MASA? MASA is an extreme evolution of SOA where all your apps are represented as APIs exposed at multiple levels and across organizations. We at Archer Solutions design and implement MASA solutions that link mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps and IoT apps – and their data into a broad mesh of back-end services to create what users view as the "Application."

Digital Marketing

Marketing is the heart of business success, it's the process by which a product, service, idea or anything is introduced and promoted to potentially interested people. Digital marketing is a marketing channel that provides interactions with targeted audience in faster time and with lower cost. Archer Solutions provide businesses and individuals with two important digital marketing services, SEO to optimize your website rank in search engines and social media marketing to reach bigger portion of audience.

Featured Services

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Free Odoo Gap Analysis

Odoo gap analysis is a thorough analysis performed over 2-5 days to find the gap between Odoo and your business, so we then can implement odoo to fill that gap. For a limited time Archer Solutions is providing a free gap analysis to provide you at the end with a complete set of needed requirements with a cost and time proposal if to be implemented by Archer Solutions.

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30% off on Digital Marketing Packages

Our SEO and social media marketing services are provided as packages, each package contains a set of pre-defined activities and a set of expected results. Our packages are in 30% sale for a limited time, call us and start your package today, let more audience know you with too much lower cost.

Other Services

  • ERP Consultation
  • Odoo Support Packages
  • Odoo Training
  • Business Process Automation
  • Systems Integration
  • Cloud Services Development