Odoo CRM v15 New Features

Odoo CRM v15 New Features

CRM programs have become one of the most essential programs in any organization, whether it is profit or non-profit organization, through which it is possible to achieve the following:

  • Follow up on new leads interested in the company’s products or services
  • Making upsells and cross sells to existing customers
  • Organizing sales teams and setting their goals
  • Planning the necessary activities to communicate with customers
  • Follow up the performance of the sales teams in terms of performing the correct and timely activities and in terms of achieving sales targets

Modern CRM programs, including Odoo, have also been distinguished by some modern capabilities, including:

  • Linking the company’s website or e-commerce to the CRM program as one of the channels for generating new leads
  • Linking e-marketing media and tools to the CRM program for the same purpose
  • Enriching new leads with data that can benefit sales teams in identifying and following up on new leads

Archer Solutions has provided CRM software implementation service to its various clients and helped them to reach good levels in following up on customers and sales teams and achieving sales goals using Odoo CRM implemented through Archer Solutions. The company has also made many modifications to the CRM program to serve organizations of a special sales nature, such as:

  • Real estate development companies so that the sales teams can identify the available units, allocate them to different sales teams, follow up the performance of internal and external sales teams and reserve units for customers, whether these units are for sale or rent.
  • Contracting companies for electronic devices and systems, where each opportunity has a pre-sales specialist in addition to the normal salesperson present in all institutions, and each of them has his own inputs, and the sales process cannot be progressed without these inputs. Many of these opportunities will require accounting procedures such as extracting letters of guarantee, for example.

To complement Odoo’s superiority in the field of CRM software, it has released a new version of the CRM program within the Odoo software package version 15, and this version was characterized by two very important features:

  • The salesperson can be in more than one sales team, and this feature was frequently requested by several clients, for example real estate development companies may need to be one of the salespersons in the residential units team and also in the administrative units team, and this was not possible before version 15
  • Opportunities can be allocated automatically by defining customized rules so that the CRM program can assign all opportunities to sales teams or salespersons automatically, which leads to increased efficiency of the sales process and reduces the time required to communicate with the customer.

The growth of your organization requires several factors, the most important of which is a fast and tight sales cycle, which can be achieved by the CRM software provided by Odoo. Do not waste time and contact us to find out what your organization can gain from using the CRM software from Odoo.

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